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Carrie hätte als Kind einen Buchstabierwettbewerb gewonnen, wenn ihr Vater nicht die richtige Lösung gerufen hätte.

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Exklusiv Interview mit Larry Romano

Larry Romano

Hallo Mr.Romano, first off all me and the entire KingOfQueens.tv team want to thank you for the time you spend for this interview. We think you are an interesting character not talking about the sitcom character you play but yourself.

You worked for your father's garment factory, as delivery boy at Pat's Pizzeria, as gypsy cab driver, as telephone salesman, for a copy machine company and as bicycle messenger. Wow, thats alot of totally different jobs. Can you tell us a little bit of this time, why you changed jobs so frequently and if you ever expected to become such an famous actor?

I'm really not that famous. Which I like. I also change my look often. Not to fool people but just to do it. Not too many people notice me - but when they do it's usually from "Lock Up" the movie I did with Stallone.

I can tell you a little bit about each job but it may turn into a novel. I've also worked as a house painter, house builder, demolition man, bartender and not too long ago I was driving Strippers to bachalor parties. Working in so many fields has given me a wealth of insight into the wants, needs, thoughts, emotions, dreams, habits and lifestyles of the people who spend their lives in those fields.

You see how these people enjoy their lives. You see their struggles. Most people I've worked with will spend their lives just getting by on minimal wages. It makes me sad. Sometimes it keeps me too real --

You also appear on the NBC series, "Kristin," where you said: "I'm thankful I'm doing this show where I'm playing an Italian-American who's intelligent and not a criminal. Because that might be a first". Can you tell us some more about your opinion to the Italian-American stereotype?

Dumb or Mobbed up or both. I love the Sopranos yet I know people who can't watch it. I love good mafia stories. Key word is story. However I wish there were more shows featuring Authentic Americans of Italian descent who are not mobbed up. Characters that have graduated college and run their own business. Men with families - not crime families - wives and kids they love, support and take care of. I'd also like to see more authentic Puerto Rican characters.

As a native New Yorker I was fortunate in that I got an insight into many different cultures and some of the most interesting, talented and funny people are New York Puerto Ricans but like the Italian characters on TV I don't feel they are being protrayed authenticially.

You are playing the Richie Iannuci in "The King of Queens", how did you come to this role? Is there maybe a little Richie inside of you?

I met with Michael Weithorn and Kevin James at Sony studios. I wore jeans, a leather jacket and a tank-top. I took of the jacket and James started laughing because it was what he envisioned Richie to be wearing. That's what I where most of the time anyway.

Richie is crazy for women, do you think this will ever change? Will Richie get married and only belong to one woman in future? Or do you have any ideas what will happen to "him" in future? Maybe you can tell us a little bit here.

Well, I'm not sure if you heard but Richie is dead. Word has it he was run over by a fire engine.

I didn't know richie was gone. That's actually funny cause here in germany we have 4 episodes daily! Thats 20 episodes + one at weekend. I though I had already seen all. I noticed he didnt appear alot lately but I didnt know that he was totally gone.

You were playing in two sitcoms, "Kristin," and "The King of Queens". Can you compare those two?

Well, Kristin was cancelled after 13 episodes and Richie is dead. I guess the question would be --- how does it feel to go from two TV shows to building houses and driving strippers. I can compare the being a TV actor with being a blue collar worker and I can tell you that building a house can be very gratifying. And walking into a party with two Strippers and getting paid for it can be very gratifying as well.

I got very bored with the KofQ. I thought the Richie character became cardboard. As far as Kristin, it was very frustrating -- Kristin has so much talent and when we lost the backing of the network it became a heartbreaker.

There are many dull moments on a TV set and never a dull moment at a bachalor party. TV shows pay better wages but that's about the only upside though you can get yourself into some dangerous situations when naked women and alcohol are involved.

You are not only a great actor but also a very talented musician and songwriter. You send us a copy of your song you wrote especially for "The King of Queens". In all quotes from you I see that music comes first in your life. Can you tell us a little bit about your music and you songs?

I will send you the CD. I like to write lyrics and melodies. I write about what I feel at the moment I feel it. I have music in my head ever since I was a little kid. And I like all kinds of music. I was dreaming about coming out to Germany and putting together a kick ass band with some German catz. Play some clubs. I hear you have some tasty beer over there and I love beer as much as love music.

I will send you some german beers. As I said, I live in Bremen, the home of the famous Beck's Beer.

Okay thanks alot Larry! This was an very interesting Interview! We and entire germany wish you the best luck in future!

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