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Exklusiv Interview mit Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt

Mr.Oswalt, first off all I want to thank you for taking the time to chat with your fans! The entire KingOfQueens.tv Team wants to thank you for this Interview.

No problem.

Let's start with your past. I read that you started your career as standup comedian in summer of 1089.

It was the summer of 1989. In 1089, I was trying not to die of the Plague.

That was actually a typos :) You also had an appearing on Conan O'Briens Late Night Show, which some of us germans actually know. Can you tell us about the very first time you stood infront of the audience, what feeling was it? Were you scared? And what changed during the years?

I was scared the first time, but then, doing it night after night, I went from being scared to indifferent. Indifference makes you good.

Most of us (including me) don't have the chance to see you as standup comedian. The only chance to see you here in germany is watching sitcoms. Can you tell me if you have a different comedy style as in King Of Queens and (if) where we can see you in germany? Will you have performances here in future?

I have a much different style than on THE KING OF QUEENS, since I write my own stuff and KING OF QUEENS is scripted. I can't give you specifics, but let me tell you it's very different.

Before comming to your part in King of Queens I'd like to ask you about your writing skills. You wrote two seasons for MadTV, which is actually very popular even in germany! You also wrote for the MTV Music Awards, what exactly? Can you tell us a little about it?

I wrote a few short pieces for both the MTV Music Awards and the The Movie Awards. Ben Stiller and I write together a lot, so whenever he does a show like that I'm usually the one writing the thing.

Now to what most of our visitors will interest alot: "The King of Queens"!
How did you come to play the Spence Olchin? How did you hear from the sitcom and what was your first impression when you read the first script? And did anyone in the cast every expect the huge success?

The producers of the show saw a 1/2 hour special I did for HBO here in America, and they called me in for an audition, and I got it. I thought the first episode -- the pilot -- was very good, but I didn't watch enough sitcoms or know enough about TV to have an opinion as to whether or not it'd get picked up. Everyone else on the show was pretty positive.

Spence is beeing argued alot by his friends, especially the fact that he still lives together with his mother causes alot of ribbing. Do you think this will ever change? Or will his friends go too far and really destroy the friendship with him somehow? It would be pretty interesting to hear your opinion about it.

Well, seeing as how you guys are a season behind us, I can tell you -- without getting too specific, that doesn't happen. I'll leave it at that.

Okay, back to germany. Luckily the 5th season will start today! At 8:15PM (primetime) RTL2 will show two episodes of the 5th season of "King of Queens" once a week on sunday. The first episodes we will see are "Arthur, Spooner" and "Window Pained". Do you have any comments on them and can we be excited?

The 5th season is really good overall. I don't remember those specific episodes -- wait, the "Arthur, Spooner" episode is really funny.

Many of us have seen the videos with the mistakes while recording from Sonys Webpage. Those are pretty funny, is there really such an family atmosphere? Can you tell us some more about the atmosphere on the sets and the entire production?

It's a very laid back atmosphere, definitely. No star behavior, no divas. Nice.

In your opinion, how many seasons of "The King of Queens" can we expect?

Jeez, I don't know. Fifty?

You also had a guest appearing at "Seinfeld" which is very popular here in Germany too. Can you compare working for the "Seinfeld" crew and the "King of Queens" crew? Are there any differences in atmosphere, actors behaviour or anything you can tell us about?

SEINFELD and KING OF QUEENS were very similar, in that everyone's pretty casual. The SEINFELD crew, since they were in their 7th season, were super-tight, and the rehearsals and taping went by really quick.

Okay Patton, I think we already stole you enough of you time. I want to thank you again for this interview and wish you alot of success in future!

Thanks, man!

Besucht Patton Oswalts Website!

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