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Exklusiv Interview mit Alex Skuby

(Datum: 22.02.2005)
Hey Alex, this is Daniel from KingOfQueens.tv. How are you today?

Alex Skuby: Besides the rain we have been having for 5 days straight, I am great!
You made a great performance as Doug Pruzan in The King of Queens but before we come to the series, Id like our visitors to get to know you a little better. In your biography I read that you were forced to decide between Marketing and Acting for beeing a fulltime student. What made you start a career in acting and not marketing for example?
Alex Skuby: Well, marketing for me was a 9am to 5pm job. I can't do something like that. I was never into 'desk work'. I wanted something a little more exciting. Acting to me was a challenge. I grew up watching actors like Jack Nicholson, Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, etc... I guess I always wanted to do that. So, acting 101 seemed to be the right choice - plus I have always been somewhat of a ham -- I love an audience.
Do you remember the time you started getting small appearances in series and movies? Can you tell us about it and wich role finally was your brake-through in this business?
Alex Skuby: I do remember my first job. It was on a show called "Early Edition" -- I had one line and I thought that I was a celebrity! So naive! It's so funny to think back to that. I called everyone I knew and told them that I had finally 'Made it'. <laughing> That's funny. I have to say that I think KOQ was my 'break through' role so to speak. It has definately been the longest running character I have played thus far.

You have a pretty impressive background of TV guest appearances: ER, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chicago Hope, The King of Queens, Becker, 24 and so on, just to name some. Can you compare the experiences of acting in these very different genres?
Alex Skuby: Well, they are catagorized as drama and comedy. Comedy is all in the timing. It is written with beats. Kind of like in music. Knowing were the beats are is the hard part. Not every actor can do comedy. Drama is more conversational. It is set a little bit more in reality. Subtlty is key.
Lets get to The King of Queens now. Im sure the first thing our visitors want to know is something about the atmosphere at the set. How did you get along with the other actors, especially with Kevin James, Leah Remini and Jerry Stiller?
Alex Skuby: I loved working on that show. It was comfortable which in turn would let you relax so you could do your best work. Since most of my scenes were with Leah, I felt more of a bond with her. She is a beautiful woman, she has a great heart plus she is extremely talented. Kevin, as we all know is a fabulous comedian. He has a great presence in front of the camera and you can tell he is having fun. He is a great guy too. Jerry is like the father figure to the show. He has so much experience in this business. He is a wonderful human being and is also extremely talented. I learned so much from working with all of them!
Your first appearance as Carries boss Doug Pruzan was in the second season and during the third season the character became a main part of the series. Can you tell us a little bit about the character Doug Pruzan and his relationship to Carrie from his point of view.
Alex Skuby: Pruzan looked at Carrie as his mother/wife/secratary/crutch/etc.... He needed her to survive in that firm. Without her, he would have crashed under the pressure.

Pruzan got fired during the 6th season and so was Carrie. Do you know why the producers cut the Pruzan character out of the series and will Pruzan ever come back?
Alex Skuby: I was told that they wanted to go a different way with Carrie's career on the show. Ya know, in this business you never really know. Do I think the character will come back? I don't know. There are new people running the show now-- I don't think so, but you never know. It is something that I can look back on and say: "Hey, I had a lot of fun".
What did you work on after The King of Queens until now? Is there any chance to see you in German TV?
Alex Skuby: I have guest starred on mostly dramas since then 'House', 'Without A Trace', '24' - I also starred in a romantic comedy that filmed in chicago, it is called 'Finding Preet'. I don't know the release date yet. It is an independant film. German TV? I don't know - that would be nice! I still have to come visit. I hear Germany is a pretty cool place!
What are your current projects? Anything we can look forward to?
Alex Skuby: Right now I am in the middle of 'Pilot Season' - it is when all of the studios are looking for new shows to come out with. I am trying to get something going in that respect.
Okay, thank you very much Alex. Good luck in future!
Alex Skuby: Thank's for having me - Best wishes to all!

Alex Skuby's offizielle Website
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