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Carrie hat ihren Verlobungsring verkauft.

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Exklusiv Interview mit Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Geburtstag: 7 March 1956
Geburtsort: San Fernando Valley, California, USA
Homepage: Bryan Cranston

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Datum: 28.06.2005
Daniel: Good morning Mr. Cranston, this is Daniel Schulte from KingOfQueens.tv!
Bryan: Good morning Daniel, and hello to all the King of Queens fans!

Daniel: We are happy to have this interview with you. As "the King of Queens" fan page we are off course interested in the series character Tim Sacksky, who you were playing during the second and third season of the show. But don't worry, we won't steal too much of your time. You are very popular here in Germany, especially for your role of Malcolm's father "Hal" in the TV-Series "Malcolm in the Middle". Can you compare the sets of "the King of Queens" and "Malcolm in the Middle" for us?
Bryan: There are several differences between the two shows. First, there aren't any kids around the KOQ stages, (unless Kevin is acting like a big baby). Malcolm, on the other hand, always has kids around, which can be fun, but also tiring. The child labor laws in the United States are very strict, so a child, say Dewey's age, is only

allowed to be at the studio for about nine hours. Half of that time is for school, so we make sure we get their scenes shot before they must be sent home. Another difference is that KOQ uses a multiple camera system of shooting (usually 4 cameras), and uses a 180-degree plane while shooting, whereas on Malcolm we use what's called a single camera system (like movies are shot), and use 360 degrees plane while shooting. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Their advantage is that it's cheaper, faster to shoot, and they perform in front of a live audience, ours is that the result is more intimate and we can fit in special effects and stunts, but no audience. Other than that, we each have a lot of laughs on the set.
Daniel: Can you tell us a little bit about the work at the set of "the King of Queens"? Maybe a funny story?
Bryan: The most fun I've had on KOQ is when you can find something to make Kevin or Leah crack or when they make me laugh. We have to do an extra take but it's worth it. One episode I had to be in a tiny bikini style swimsuit - that drew a lot of laughs.
Daniel: Are you still friends with some of the actors there and how is he atmosphere at the set?

Bryan: I see Kevin James from time to time, and I'm also friendly with his brother, Gary Valentine, also from the show. My wife and Leah get their nails done at the same salon, but I haven't run into her in a while.
Daniel: Did you see the movie "Hitch" with Will Smith and Kevin James? If so - How did you like it?
Bryan: I have not seen Hitch yet, but I plan on seeing it soon.
Daniel: How did you like the character of Tim Sacksky and is there any connection between Bryan Cranston and Tim Sacksky?
Bryan: My character, Tim Sacksky, is a pain in the ass to Doug and Carrie, and that's what made it fun to play. Those characters are more interesting than coming on the show to be someone's friend.
Daniel: Now to the confusing part. I think we all remember the episode "Soft Touch" in the second season. Let me sum it up fort he people who don't remember: Doug gets suckered into buying a water filtration device from his annoying neighbor, Tim, and also signs up to be a licensed seller of the filters. At the end of the episode, the Sackskys are gone and Doug and Carrie don't get their money back. Then - in the third season - the Sackskys suddenly are Doug and Carrie neighbors again. What happened there?

Bryan: What happened is that they asked me to come back on the show, but they didn't know if I would because Malcolm in the Middle had just come on the air and they didn't know if I was interested. I was, and told them I'd love to do another episode, which became three and then four episodes in all.
Daniel: What are your current projects? Can you give us a little preview of what we can see from you in the future?
Bryan: I had a movie come out last year called, Seeing Other People, which was fun. I got to play and English prig. I'm currently shooting a movie called, Little Miss Sunshine, with Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Alan Arkin, and Steve Carrel. It will be out probably in January. My writing and directing debut film, Last Chance, is out in the states at all the video stores. It's a sweet romantic drama geared for women over thirty. Hopefully we'll have a foreign release soon. It'll be announced on my web site. Lastly, I completed a DVD called, KidSmartz, a 3o minute program for families to learn about the dangers of child abduction. It is an engaging experience that teaches safety techniques to children without scaring them or using any weapons or violence. Check it out.
Daniel: Thanks a lot Bryan, we wish you all the best in future and keep up the great work you are doing!
Bryan: The last thing I want to say is that your fan club has good taste. The King of Queens has always been a funny show for me to work on and watch. I'm baffled why Kevin, Leah, and Jerry have never been nominated, or the show for that matter, for an Emmy Award. It is a mystery. They are so talented. And what about the writing staff? They're fantasticoh, well what are you going to do? Good-bye.

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